Serviced Apartments – An Economy scale

February 12, 2014

Each year, the business magazine, Forbes publishes a Who is Who list of the most affluent people in the world based on their net worth. Most of us will never make it to that list because we constantly need to optimize our resources. The concept of a serviced apartment is in perfect harmony with this approach and gives you the best of two worlds- the comforts of a hotel and the economy of living at home.

Serviced apartments are a smart alternative to high-priced hotel suites without having to give anything up. Although some serviced apartments will accept a one or two-day reservation, they are usually reserved for short, medium or long-term stay. You do not have to ship your furniture and belongings if you are relocating temporarily. Serviced apartments eliminate relocation stress by providing you a completely furnished facility including a fully equipped kitchen.

Dining at restaurants every day usually seems like an attractive proposition in the beginning. In due course, it can get not only expensive but also monotonous. A home-cooked meal is always a home-cooked meal not to mention the savings it generates. Serviced apartments are aptly suited for those guests who are on special diets.

If you are vacationing or relocating to a new city with children, dining daily at restaurants is not viable because small children, specially infants and toddlers have unique dietary needs often difficult to meet at restaurants. Dining daily at restaurants also requires regular transportation to which you may not have immediate access.

Serviced apartments provide reasonably priced laundry service which makes it affordable. The option of doing your own laundry is always available in the event of an emergency at a serviced apartment. Some serviced apartments will even arrange for you to rent washers and dryers.

And there is always maid service. If you need domestic help to help you take care of the children or tidy up the place, serviced apartments are well-equipped to arrange it for you. You can even bring your own caretaker or nanny with you to your serviced apartment. This is not feasible in a hotel room.

If you plan and organize your transition to a serviced apartment carefully, the savings can be phenomenal and your living experience will be stress-free and most stimulating.

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